In the present time period, for enjoyment, preteen children have the use of computer games, cell phones, and the Internet. They and play sports and games that require expensive equipment and are organized and managed by adults.

Your humble author does not envy the young preteen children of today with their gifts. This Web site is written to show how resilient young children can be under a given set of conditions. It was not that our parents did not give us any gifts. To repeat, our parents were not only neighbors but also close friends. One time when one of our gang showed up wearing a pair of roller skates, it was not long after that that we were all given skates from our parents. While wearing skates, we played tag games, held street races, and from time to time used them to make homemade scooters which added to the enjoyment.

In writing this site, I hope to encourage young children of today to appreciate and make the most of what they have and not complain about what they do not have.

Discuss the games you used to play!

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